Braintax beat-making.

Never really been a huge fan of Braintax’s rapping but always really liked his beats and his Yorkshire style. This video confirms my affections.

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A slice of heaven

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Apparently The Ruler Returned

So this is weird. Wimbledon native (and US HipHop legend) Slick Rick, hasn’t made a record in 12 years. But in 2011 he featured alongside DJ Premier on ‘The Sitter’ soundtrack. He even shouts out ‘Jonah Hill’ twice.

It sounds great anyway, and I guess there are worse ways to break a hiatus.

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Diplo – Butter’s Theme

Ellie Golding is in this video for some reason.

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This kid is 18 years old (!!!)

Actually 17 when he did this tune.

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Bjork’s mind-blowing new video for Mutual Core

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Wonderland interview

The online editor of Wonderland Magazine, Zing Tsjeng, kindly got in touch with me for an interview. Read it here.

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The Redtube Album

Here it is!

Starting out as a technical exercise to teach myself how to sample, I got a bit carried away.

Download the full album for free (mediafire)

Watch the video for ‘Hey There’

Video and Cover Art by Charlie Lyne. Music by Hometape.

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Comic Relief never topped 1997

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Vinyl Games

Loosely inspired by Dublab’s Secondhand Sureshots I went head-to-head with my brother in making a track out of 5 LPs we had to buy from charity shops.

Naturally I went straight to Kilburn and judged books mostly by their covers.

I knew I’d get some drums from The Supremes and some melody from the ‘Dreaming’ compilation but had no idea how unusable ‘Fascinating Rhythm’ would be. Apparently that girl on the front is NOT Sid Phillips, and I doubt that’s even her clarinet.

Anyway, I pieced something together in the end:

If you want to play (or watch others play), join the facebook group.

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